The Day’s News

Sony have announced a new PS2. If you consider making the console a tiny fraction slimmer and putting the power supply in the box to be new, that is. It’ll launch later this month in Japan and in the new year in America, but no details were given on a European launch. Either way, there’s no price cut, the new model will stay at Â¥16,000.

Now to a lovely story about a charming American boy, Cory Ryder, 16, who after having his Playstation and TV confiscated, tried to hire a hitman to kill his parents. The boy was caught in a sting operation set up by his mother and an undercover policeman. According to the Times, Cory told the policeman;

“Two bullets is all it takes.”

The boy is alleged to have offered a new pick-up truck as payment to the undercover officer. He’ll be tried in juvenile court, where he can’t be held past his 21st birthday.

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