New Need for Speed hits the pits

The latest issue of the Official PlayStation 2 Magazine – which features Sega Superstars Tennis on the front cover, oddly enough – contains an unbelievably negative preview of Need for Speed: ProStreet.

In the first paragraph alone they claim it to be the “worst game in the series”, although the preview does read as if they’re simply unhappy with the way that this latest installment is a serious car-tuning sim rather than your typical arcade-style racing fare.

Manual tuning is absolutely necessary and reportedly incredibly dull and painstaking, and they found it frustrating when their current set of cars weren’t slick enough to win races and had to go back to the workshop and tinker with the ‘Autosculp’ facility to make their motors more aerodynamic. Towards the end of the preview they report that the handling is “pretty unresponsive” and often causes damage to your car – which you then have to pay out for to be repaired. “An experiment destined to fail,” is their conclusion. They also point out that the drag racing is the best bit – a worrying sign.

Look out for an 8/10 review next month’s issue!

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