Bart to the future

Why did nobody tell us that there was a Telly Addicts game for the DS? Game has no details about it whatsoever, but Amazon has some lovely Noel Edmonds box-art. There’s a load of other DS games out this week too including Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground, CSI, The Simpsons – which comes on the largest DS cart available – Operation Vietnam and a wealth of licensed pap. It’s a blow to find that apparently alright Operation Vietnam is full price – over in the US it was super cheap.

Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground and The Simpsons are also available on every other format this week. Universal opinion of The Simpsons appears to be that it’s good looking and very funny, but has camera and control issues. The Wii version has some extra mini-games (Bartwings – a parody of Plotwings) while the DS version has a Homer virtual pet thing. Proving Ground is solid but looking very dated next to EA’s magnificent skate, going by the reviews.

On 360 TimeShift has finally made it out – it was first due out over a year ago but changed publishers from Atari to Sierra. Ubisoft’s Naruto: Rise of Ninja isn’t a conversion of a Japanese title but has rather been developed in the west and is worth a look. Then there’s Bladestorm which should appeal to Dynasty Warriors fans.

The humble PlayStation 2 is still giving out the goods – another Buzz! (Monster Rumble), another EyeToy game (Play Astro Zoo), another Syphon Filter (Dark Mirror) and yet another Spyro (The Eternal Night). The Wii version of Spyro isn’t out until December, but it’s unlikely that anybody cares – Super Mario Galaxy is out in two weeks.

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