Monthly Archives: October 2007

Halo, you

Surprise! Billy the Wizard on Wii has managed to outsell Halo 3, stopping it from taking the chart’s top spot. We jest, of course – Bungie’s opus has become the second fastest selling game in the UK with an estimated 466,000 copies...
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I’ll get me coat

Worried that excess sweat from your grubby mitts will send you precious Wii-remote flying across the living room? Then you’ll be wanting one of Nintendo’s free Wii-remote jackets, available from here. Nintendo are bundling them with the Wii-remote from now on, but...
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Halo 3

Although claims of Halo 3 being the ‘biggest entertainment release in history’ aren’t fallacious you can’t deny that Microsoft’s marketing men have perhaps gone a bit overboard with the Halo 3 hype. We remember back in the days of the Dreamcast when...
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