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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption is undoubtedly this week’s big one. Review scores haven’t been as high as the first game – released six years ago now, believe it or not – but they have been higher than the slightly lacking sequel. The controls are said to be spot on although it’s hard to say if those who haven’t played the first two will be left clueless with regards to the plot. Also on Wii this week: the utterly rubbish Escape from Bug Island (nee Nerco Nesa), baffling US baseball thing The Bigs and Monster Trux – another rubbish budget game from the guys behind Ninjabread Man and Billy the Wizard. And third party publishers wonder why their Wii games aren’t selling that well…

EA usually releases their multi-format games on every console simultaneously but The Sims 2: Castaway is only out on Wii and DS this week. Bit strange seeing that MySims was only released about a month ago. Over on PlayStation 2 Moto GP 07 seems like the one game worth bothering with – the rest of the offerings include Alan Hansen Sport Challenge, Avatar: The Burning Earth and Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots. THQ really aren’t trying with their subheading any more, are they?

Nothing on PlayStation 3 this week, although it’s the 360 that’s playing catch up with Virtua Fighter 5 and Tomb Raider Anniversary. Lara is also out on PSP as is the top-down strategic S.W.A.T Target Liberty. Probably a good move seeing the PSP’s lay out isn’t ideal for first person shooters. Speaking of Sony’s handheld, the white Slim & Lite is now available. There’s also a new Xbox 360 bundle, which comes with five Xbox Live Arcade games and a 256MB memory unit for £199. Not bad, although one of the games is the dire Feeding Frenzy.

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