The future is bright

Will The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass be able to knock FIFA 08 from the top of the charts? We’d like to think so – it’s not as if the DS hasn’t been selling well in the UK. Nintendo would probably be just as pleased if it outsold Halo 3 – currently at #3 in the chart – though.

It’s no surprise that Half-Life 2: The Orange Box has been getting full marks considering it includes the legendary shooter, both the additional episodes, Team Fortress 2 and Portal all in one… box. According to Valve they lost count of how much money went into making the collection a long time ago. But yet again, the PlayStation 3 version won’t be arriving until after the Xbox 360 iteration. 23rd November to be precise.

There’s actually nothing out for PlayStation 3 owners this week, although PlayStation 2 owners get Buzz Hollywood, Singstar Bollywood and Thrillville: Off the Rails. Thrillville is also out on everything else this week – the demo on Xbox Live was entertaining (you can go on the rides, as well as design them) and review scores have been mostly positive. Xbox 360 RPG Eternal Sonata seems to be building up a nice little cult following, while Take 2 have slipped out Carnival Funfair Games on Wii. Hardly a decent replacement for Grand Theft Auto IV, which would be out this Friday if Take 2 had stuck to the original release date.

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