Toys R Them

Business management games work nicely on the DS, as EA’s conversions of Theme Park and Sim City have proved. One that seems to have passed under the radar though is the largely self-explanatory Toy Shop by Lexicon Entertainment, due out early next year.

Two siblings inherit their grandfather’s shop, but rather than sell it and live happily off the proceedings they decide to build a new empire. This includes designing new toys, setting prices to entice customers, decorating the store with Christmas and Halloween themes and more. There’s no word if you’ll have to deal with rioting frenzied parents desperately seeking a must-have toy for their kids, a la the 1996 Arnold Schwarzenegger movie Jingle All The Way.

There’s a video and a selection of screenshots over on Lexicon’s site. We’re already looking forward to creating a Mr. Zucchini.

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