Hot UK chart news

After just one week Halo 3 has been knocked from the top of the charts by FIFA 08. Bungie’s blaster now rests at #2, with Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights at #3. We’d say that THQ timed the release of Juiced 2 just right – it probably wouldn’t have done half as well as it has done if they had released it after Need for Speed Pro Street. Speaking of THQ, their Ratatouille movie tie-in has scurried up from #38 to #8 like a rat up a drain pipe.

There’s not much else going on – Super Paper Mario has fallen from #8 to #17, CSI: Hard Evidence (the Xbox 360 one) is in at #24 and Conan has entered at #32 in its second week of release. Final Fantasy Tactics is #2 in the PSP chart but doesn’t manage to make it into the top 40.

You might be interested in hearing that it’s the PlayStation 2 version of FIFA 08 that’s selling the most, followed by the 360 version, PlayStation 3, PSP, Wii and then DS.

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