Halo, you

Surprise! Billy the Wizard on Wii has managed to outsell Halo 3, stopping it from taking the chart’s top spot. We jest, of course – Bungie’s opus has become the second fastest selling game in the UK with an estimated 466,000 copies sold. The 360 has an installed base of 1.4 million meaning that 1-in-3 Xbox 360 owners bought it at launch, whereas Halo 2 sold to 1-in-6 Xbox owners according to Chart Track. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas remains the fastest selling game, which sold 677,000 copies in two days back in 2004.

FIFA 08 goes in at #2 – apparently the PlayStation 3 version has sold out – with Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights arriving at an impressive #5 and Sega Rally at #7. EA’s skate just misses out on entering the top 10 by one place. The only other new entry is Ratatouille which enters at a rather lowly #39, although the movie has yet to be released in the UK.

There’s a fair few fallers this week with the most significant being Colin McRae Dirt down from #8 to #32 and Heavenly Sword from #12 to #38. Meanwhile John Woo Presents Stranglehold drops from #4 to #18 and Bioshock sinks from #14 to #26. Both Motorstorm and Resistance have risen a few places though, as has Stuntman: Ignition which made a belated appearance on PlayStation 3 last week.

Pokemon Diamond is still hanging in there at #32 but Pearl is out all together. THQ’s Conan, which is surprisingly good despite a lack of press coverage, manages to get in at #14 in the 360 chart while Brunswick Pro Bowling is doing well for itself in the Wii chart at #14 also.