My oh my

It’s all change in the top 10 – Medal of Honour: Airbourne has dropped from top ‘o the pile to #6 allowing Tiger Woods 08 to go on top. MySims enters at #2, Super Paper Mario rises up one place to #3, while Colin McRae: Dirt has gone from #11 to #7 and Heavenly Sword has fallen five places to #12. Transformers: The Game is back in at #10, presumably as the PlayStation 2 version is only £15 in HMV’s sale.

Sonic Rush Adventure has done better in its second week of release going in at #26, with Singstar Rock Ballads one place higher. The apparently very good Warhawk only manages a lowly #38 placing, which might be because most PlayStation 3 owners have downloaded it instead. One advantage of buying the boxed version is that you get a free headset to shout abuse at other gamers, although you have to pay double the price for the pleasure.

It’s quite surprising to find Pokemon Diamond and Pearl leaving the chart so soon, currently at #34 and #39 respectively. They could even be out the top 40 entirely next week. We shall see.

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