Smash Friends, Romans, Countrymen

The official Smash Bros. blog has released new details on the Wi-Fi options for Smash Bros. Dojo.

The first thing to take in is the sweet apologetic note from Masahiro Sakurai about how playing someone in a different country may result in a lot of lag. Something which we’d have hoped they could have sorted out. Some games of Mario Kart DS are unplayable, which is a problem when the only people that seem to be on the server are Japanese.

There are two ways to play – with friends or with anyone. With your friends, you can send little messages to each other, although considering how hectic Smash Bros. is, no doubt that’d be suicide. Voice communication please, Nintendo. Apparently there’ll also be a number of types of game to play, although no specifics where revealed.

When you play with anyone, not only will you not be able to send messages, you won’t know anyone’s name. Which is presumably to protect innocent minds. More annoyingly, no record will be kept of the game at all, so it won’t count towards the games you’ve won or lost. It’s hardly Xbox Live, but that may not be a bad thing.

At least you get to punch a sandbag while you’re waiting for it to load. Brilliant.

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