Is this cool

How do you decide what’s cool? You don’t, idiot. You’re told what’s cool by the CoolBrands poll. And this is what’s cool in the UK this year: Aston Martin, iPod and YouTube.

In our world, PlayStation (6th) is cooler than Nintendo (9th). It’s not surprising that PlayStation is the higher, but it’s encouraging that Nintendo is considered cool at all. Xbox was on the cool shortlist, but didn’t come in the top twenty. Japan was the coolest international travel destination, despite our own Matt having been there this year.

The methodology is intriguing though. The opinions of the CoolBrands Council members were combined with the views of 2,246 consumers, with a 70/30 weighting in favour of the Council, whose members include June Sarpong (full name: June Fucking Sarpong).

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