Fatboy Slim

When the Xbox 360 Elite was released earlier this month, it had Bioshock and Blue Dragon to bolster its launch. For reasons we cannot comprehend, Sony haven’t bothered to line up anything decent to launch with the £129.99 PSP Slim and Lite – yes, that’s its official name – this week. In fact, there are no PSP games out at all. That’s just dumb.

It’s also a shame, then, that reviews of Heavenly Sword haven’t been overly generous, as it’s arguably the biggest PlayStation 3 game to be released since the system’s launch. Too easy, too short and out of place puzzles seem to be the main gripes. Never mind: Warhawk isn’t far off, and Colin McRae DiRT – out this week – is pretty nifty.

Over on Wii, Super Paper Mario makes an incredibly belated arrival. Then on DS there’s Freshly Picked – Tingle’s Rosy Rupeeland, which seems more of a curio than an actual game, the apparently very good Sonic Rush Adventure, Heroes of Mana, Scrabble 2007, dodgy cartoon license Pet Alien and the stupidly titled Imagine: Happy Cooking from Ubisoft.

Hmm, what’s going on with the box art for Fatal Inertia, Koei? The demo wasn’t very impressive, looking worryingly similar to Quantum Redshift on the original Xbox in places. John Woo Presents Stranglehold is worth a look though, particularly if you enjoyed Max Payne. Because it pretty much is an unofficial sequel to Max Payne.

Next week, Billy the Wizard: Rocket Broomstick Racing on Wii. Awesome!

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