The power of PlayStation 2

Last week Jake mentioned that he wasn’t sure if the PlayStation 2 would still be around in winter 2008. Future Publishing must be hoping that it will be – they’re just about to re-launch the Official PlayStation 2 Magazine. A drastic fall in sales is likely to be the main reason, although we’d wager that the average reader age has fallen too.

We’ve got a copy of the new look issue and it’s surprisingly impressive – it’s smaller and thinner, and they’ve done away with the shelf cluttering DVD demo disk case. Design wise it’s like a cross between NGamer and PSM3, but with a cleaner cut look. The PSP reviews, which were confusingly mixed in with the PS2 reviews, now have their own section, and there’s a bigger focus on the PlayStation 2’s back catalogue with ‘lost classics’ being placed under the proverbial microscope. This month: Killer7.

Inside the magazine they confirm that LEGO Indiana Jones is coming to the aging platform (in addition to LEGO Batman) and they also have the first shots of the PlayStation 2 versions of The Simpsons Game and Mercenries 2. The former looks worryingly rough, almost resembling The Simpsons Wrestling on PSone.

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