They mostly come at night

There are no less than six stat-filled RPG epics out this week. In fact, if you class Monster Hunter 2 on PSP an RPG, that figure grows to a monstrous seven. There’s also Blazing Angels 2 and Medal of Honor: Airbourne if you fancy shooting people to bits rather than hitting them to death with 50+ longswords.

Of the seven, Rogue Galaxy on PlayStation 2 would appear to be the one to go for – reviews have been positive and it’s by Dark Cloud / Chronicle developers Level-5. Also on PlayStation 2 is Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria from Square Enix. We don’t know anything about it, to be honest. Then on PSP there’s Valhalla Knights – which boasts of a two-player co-op mode and over 150 enemies – Sega’s Alien Syndrome (also on Wii) which looks incredibly mediocre, and Namco’s Tales of the World Radiant Mythology. Which we also know nothing about. Sorry!

This leaves the mysterious Two Worlds on Xbox 360, which sounds promising – your actions change the world around you – but currently only has an average review score of 53 percent, according to Game Rankings. Gameare doing a collector’s pack with a hologram slipcase, game world map and soundtrack CD, but obviously that won’t make the game any better.

So, Medal of Honor: Airbourne. A lot of people have been surprised by this, with both Eurogamer and gamesTM giving it an 8. The demo on Xbox Live is quite fun, but you have to remember that Call of Duty 4 – which looks phenomenal – is only two months away. Then there’s EA’s own Army of Two, which could potentially shake up the genre.

Next week: heavenly for PlayStation 3 owners.

Matt Gander

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