The goggles do nothing

Simpsons box artIt’s already apparent that EA are pulling out all the stops for their upcoming Simpsons game, but it also looks like they’re putting effort into the box art, with each cover featuring Homer in a ‘hilarious’ situation. We’re not sure why Comic Book Guy is blue though. Perhaps he’s pretending to be a smurf.

A new ‘Medal of Homer’ trailer has also been released, while it has come to light that the DS version will include your very own virtual Homer to look after. New items can be unlocked from within in the main game – which is a 2D platformer – to entertain your pet Homer, and if you feed him too much junk food he’ll have a choking fit and need a blast from a defibrillator. Curious? It’s only £16 to pre-order from North American site Video Games Plus.

Matt Gander

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