Cosmic girl

As sequels go, Stuntman: Ignition is a long time coming – the PlayStation 2 original was released a good five years ago. The change in publisher – Atari flogged the brand off to THQ – probably has something to do with it. Going by the demo on Xbox Live, it’s a lot more forgiving than the first, although it’s doubtful that it’ll stay in your console for as long as, say, Gran Turismo.

It’s a busy week for the Wii, with Boogie, Cosmic Family, Tamagotchi Party On and a couple of EA sports games out. Boogie has been getting polarised reviews – some say it’s good fun, others say it’s too simple. Tamagotchi hasn’t scored well, while Cosmic Family is unlikely to be worth your time – it’s an education thing first released on PC many moons ago. Next week doesn’t look much better for Wii: a load of rubbish PlayStation 2 budget games including Billy the Wizard and Ninjabread Man are expected. Still, Super Paper Mario and MySims are also out in September.

Worms Open Warfare 2 sees the wrigglers back on DS and PSP. Also on DS are another Dragon Ball Z game and Dynasty Warriors DS: Fighters Battle. Game are doing the latter for £19.99, if you can stand yet more hacking and slashing.

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