Alvin, Simon…Theodore!

If there wasn’t a game in development based on the upcoming animated Alvin and the Chipmunks movie, then the world would come to a complete stand-still. Brash Entertainment obviously don’t want that to happen, so they’ve snapped up the rights.

Due out on PlayStation 2, Wii and DS, it’s apparently going to be a bit like Guitar Hero – right down to the hairy faces and whiny high-pitched voices. A vague attempt at a joke, there.

So far the track listing includes Blink 182, Run DMC and Elvis. Look what they’ve done to the Chipmunks though! They should have made them super cute, not urban rapper wannabes. And wasn’t Simon meant to be a massive nerd anyway?

Another film heading for consoles is Speed Racer – which is based on the ancient anime and is being done by the Wachowski brothers. It’s in development for the same formats as above, but oddly the PlayStation 2 version is being held back to tie-in with the DVD release.

Matt Gander

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