Bart vs The Space Mutants

As Edge said themselves this month, EA’s new Simpsons game looks like it could actually be quite good. Rather than using the movie for inspiration, it’s instead going to parody videogames themselves, with a Medal of Homer level, a Frogger inspired mini-game and a nod to We Love Katamari already shown to the press. The Official PlayStation 2 Magazine is the first place to our knowledge to be shown every parody that EA are including. Here’s a run down:

God of Wharf – Homer turns into a grey Kratos lookalike after eating hot chowder.
Shadow of the Colossal Donut – Bart outruns and tries to defeat a giant Donut Lad statue
Medal of Homer – Homer and Bart try to survive the Normandy Beach landing.
Castle Duffenstien – a secret level in the above. That’s no longer a secret.
Pikmin Persuasion – Marge goes anti-videogame, commanding followers.
Sawdust of Time – lots of running along ledges and avoiding buzzsaws.
Metal Beer Solid – stealth! Army Homer sneaks into a barracks to steal booze.
The Windwafter – cape-equipped Bartman floats to new areas, a la Link with his leaf.
Super Hilario Sunshine – set in a dock much like Delfino Bay, right down to the octopi.
Herdy-Nerdy – Lisa uses her saxophone to round up… lumberjacks.
Grand Theft Scratchy: Blood Island – no idea.

Also according to Edge, EA have developed and patented three different technologies to get the game as looking as cartoon-like as possible. If you missed the E3 trailer, then you can see it by clicking here. And make sure you pay special attention to the formats at the end.

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