All together now

TRANSFORMERS, ROBOTS IN DISGUISE! Shout it with me: TRANSFORMERS, ROBOTS IN DISGUISE! There, doesn’t that feel better? Everyone loves Transformers, and even though the game’s pretty rubbish, it remains at #1.

Pokemon Diamond also stays decidedly stationary at #2, but the Pearl equivalent drops to #7. Bit odd, that big difference. Ah well, I’m sure Nintendo will get over it. Wii Play, More Brain Training, Mario Party 8 all making gains in the top five will doubtless help. The original Brain Training is back too, at #8, and New Super Mario Bros returns to the top ten, in what is an absurdly good week for Nintendo.

After a non-appearance last week, Surf’s Up is in at #11. As ever, the cinematic release of the film has done sales no end of good. The other new entry is the Wii version of Trauma Center, at #17, which seems reasonable.


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