Hi, everybody!

This week’s round up of new releases won’t take long, as there are only two games out today – Trauma Centre: Second Opinion on Wii and Purr Pals on DS.

Trauma Centre: Second Opinion was a Wii launch game in the US, but as Atlus Software don’t publish in Europe it has ended up in Nintendo’s hands. That doesn’t really explain why it has taken more than nine months to bring it over here, but that’s Nintendo of Europe for you. Still, we did get Mario Strikers Charged Football before the US, and Wii Play. Second Opinion isn’t a brand new game, but rather a re-make of the quite good DS original with some new bits, including a second playable character and new equipment to gouge patents with.

THQ’s Purr Pals is pretty much Nintendogs: Kitten Edition. That doesn’t make sense, does it? According to the blurb you can “customize your kitten”. It’s not a bloody car, THQ!

Next week looks dull, dull, dull, with only two games currently due – Premier Manager 08 and Final Armada, which appears to be a shooter with a transforming dune buggy. It’s out on PlayStation 2 and PSP, but given the lack of publicity it probably isn’t going to be very good.

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