There may or may not be a party like a Mario Party

The most exciting thing to happen to the top 40 chart this week is that Mario Party 8 has re-entered at #9. Before it was recalled – Nintendo unknowingly used the word ‘spastic’ during one of the cut-scenes – it actually went in four places higher at #5. Resident Evil 4 on Wii is also back in the chart at #26, presumably because Nintendo got round to making more copies. Seems like they underestimated the demand on that one.

Transformers has managed to push Pokemon Diamond off the top spot, although the superior DS version is still struggling, currently at #37. The dismal Spider-Man 3 rests one place lower, so with a bit of luck Peter Parker will be out of the chart entirely next week.

The Darkness is also on the slippery slope downwards, dropping from #12 to #23, while Mario Strikers Charged Football has fallen from #23 to #36. Ubisoft’s Surf’s Up hasn’t got anywhere at all, which is odd since Woolworths are doing the PlayStation 2 version for £14.99. No doubt it’ll do better once the film is out.

The popularity of the utterly rubbish Tenchu Z on Xbox 360 continues to surprise – it has been hanging around the higher part of the Xbox 360 chart since being released. A lot of people must have fond memories of the PSone Tenchu games. On the other hand, it’s good to see a Japanese Xbox 360 game selling well outside of its homeland.

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