Shouldn’t it be Dr. Whom?

We’re not sure if a Dr. Who game is a good idea. Obviously it’ll sell loads and there are plenty of enemies for the developers to choose from, but the Doctor himself isn’t a superhero – he’s just a chap with a vast knowledge of the universe. And a glowing screwdriver. We’ll still buy it if it has Billy Piper instead of Catherine Tate though.

A few years back BBC Multimedia reportedly canned their spy-based Spooks game in favour of an adventure starring the doctor, but presumably it never got off the drawing board. Now according to a pack of Top Trumps – yes, really – Eidos have the rights and UK-based Ironstone Partners are developing it for PlayStation 2, DS and PC.

Now here’s the twist: it appears that it’ll be another video game incarnation of Top Trumps instead of some shoddy third person affair. The fact that the only game Ironstone Partners have worked on is the upcoming Top Trumps: Horror and Predators pretty much backs this up.

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