Autobots, move out and mildly entertain

So, Transformers: The Game. If you haven’t the time to read our review, here’s a quick rundown: it looks really nice, and smashing stuff up then lobbing it around is fun, but the mission objectives are blander than a stale cheese sandwich and the boss battles are devoid of all creativity. In the opening FMV sequence you see a battle in a construction yard involving a crane with a wrecking ball but – get this – it isn’t even in the game!

The DS version, on the other hand, is actually pretty good, with downloadable daily challenges and over 30 vehicles to scan and steal the identities of. And you can still throw trees around.

On PSP this week there’s a tardy port of Shrek the Third – all Activision’s PSP conversions are belated, oddly – while on Wii there’s the budget priced Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree, which seems alright.

Next week: Pokemon mania returns.

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