There ain’t no party like a Mario Party

A little bit of news to kick off this week’s new game round up: although already shipped to retailers, Mario Party 8 has been recalled by Nintendo due to a fatal bug. Game have removed all traces of it from their website while Amazon have confirmed that it has been temporarily withdrawn. I wonder if the bug is that it’s exactly the same as Mario Party 1-7?

A grand total of two other games are actually out though: Elite Beat Agents on DS and Capcom Puzzle World on PSP. EBA has been out in the US for ages, but as the saying goes, better late than never. The titular heroes are a trio of dancers who turn up at domestic disasters to turn the situations around via the medium of music and rhythm. It’s a fun ditty, but there isn’t a great deal to it. Then again, that’s the case with most rhythm focused titles.

The budget priced Capcom Puzzle World includes Breakout clone Block Block (also on one of their recent retro collections), the lovely Super Puzzle Fighter II and Buster Bros. Collection – AKA Super Pang.

Next week’s big one is Transformers. I’ve been playing the 360 version and I’m a bit disappointed so far: the character models look great and using trees and lampposts as weapons is fun, but the camera jumps all over the place and locking onto enemies simply doesn’t work. Look out for a less-than-glowing review soon.

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