And Europe gets…

…the 60GB PlayStation 3 with two first party games and two SIXAXIS controllers for the familiar price of £425.

This is, of course, after the US got a $100 price cut on the 60GB model, and a new package containing an 80GB model with MotorStorm for the original price of $599 earlier this week.

No price cut for us then, and no new model, but this Starter Pack – as they’re calling it – doesn’t look like a bad deal: at RRP, you’re getting £115 of stuff free. But you could already get a free game or similar in retail promotions, so in real terms it’s less than that.

The choice of first party titles will be limited, however, the selection varying by country. Resistance and MotorStorm will available everywhere, though.

The Starter Pack will be available in the UK from Wednesday 18th July. Tempted yet?

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