Zap a zombie

Nintendo showed a Wii Zapper light-gun accessory back when the wonderful white box itself was first properly unveiled. They’ve since decided to evolve it a bit and give it a dust off, the result being an elongated unit which the nunchuk can click into at the rear. It reminds me of the Dreamcast light-gun, which featured a little handy d-pad.

Three games were used to demo the new peripheral: Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles, Sega’s Ghost Squad and – surprise! – a Wii-exclusive Medal of Honor which will include 32-player online play. You’ll probably be able to use it with existing shooters too, as it’s just a piece of plastic and as such the Wii won’t notice it attached.

A second peripheral was shown at the same conference: a white Wii steering wheel, similar to the one Ubisoft package with Monster 4×4 and GT Pro. Not too exciting, then. However, the game they used to demonstrate caused a stir: Mario Kart Wii.

After the back-seat driver frolics that Double Dash provided, we’re now back to single drivers. It’s down for release early next year and will feature online play, but the number of players hasn’t been announced so far. Reggie was keen to point out though that even learner drivers will be able to drive bumper to bumper with hardened Mario karters, suggesting that there’s some kind of catch-up or handicap system running behind the scenes. The kart designs appear to be the same as those seen in Mario Kart DS. Hooray for Wario’s pimp mobile!

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