Tempted yet?

So Sony have finally cut the price of the PlayStation 3 in North America, and a similar announcement for Europe is widely expected on Thursday from E3. Yes, it’s E3. No, we didn’t realise either.

The 60GB model is down $100 to $499, and the original price of $599 will now buy the new 80GB model and a copy of MotorStorm, one of the games I’d be tempted by if the hardware was less massively overpriced.

A price cut of similar proportions would drop the standard model to £350 in these parts, so that’s my guess. Of course, $499 is more like £250, but let’s not get into that.

Mind you, I’d not be surprised if they scrap the standard model entirely, and just give us the 80GB unit with MotorStorm for £425. Or maybe £400 if we’re very, very good. Time will tell.

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