Kick, punch, it’s all in the mind

It’s official: publishers are idiots. Last week was rammed with new releases, so much so that you would have been forgiven for thinking that Christmas was around the corner, but this week there are just five titles out. And one of those is Lucinda Green’s Equestrian Challenge.

The super tough Ninja Gaiden Sigma is well worth a look though. It’s a remake of the love it or hate it Xbox original – which too was re-released once in the Xbox’s lifetime – and includes Rachael as a playable character along with new weapons (duel swords!) and new nasties to hurt them with. On Wii there’s Scarface: The World is Yours, which is also a remake, albeit only a slight one – the visuals have apparently been improved over the PlayStation 2 version.

PaRappa the Rapper on PSP we reviewed earlier this week. If you enjoyed the PSone version then by all means buy it. But that’s all you get for your twenty quid – the PSone version crammed onto a UMD. We’re pretty sure that Midway’s TouchMaster on DS was out last week, but if you’re curious then you might like to know that it’s a collection of 23 mini-games originally found in touch-screen based arcade machines.

Next week also looks quiet, with only Mario Party 8 on Wii and Elite Beat Agents on DS standing out. Unless you happen to be a big fan of Fievel the mouse.

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