All that Jazz

A pattern has started to form: of all the big movie license tie-ins released this year – Shrek the Third, TMNT and Pirates of the Caribbean specifically – the DS versions have scored the highest overall, according to the ever helpful Game Rankings.

Transformers: The Game doesn’t break this trend: the DS version – available in both Autobots and Decepticon flavours – currently has an average score of 72%, with PlayStation 2 the second highest at 67%. As such, you may be interested in the trailer.

With Wi-Fi multiplayer battles, over 30 vehicles and customisable paint jobs, it would seem that the developers have put a fair bit of effort into it. It isn’t due out until 20th July in Europe, but if you nip over to US site MovieTyme you can get it now for a nice £16.99. I’ve gone for the Autobot version, because I don’t like the new look Starscream and Megatron much. Barricade looks pretty cool though.

Matt Gander

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