Chart o’ no excitement

Forza Motorsport 2’s still at #1, and it’s still followed by Tomb Raider: Anniversary and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. It’s all down to Colin McRae: DiRT, new at #4, to invigorate the chart. Codemasters might be a bit disappointed with that, but it’s only out on Xbox 360 and PC, and with Forza last week it’s probably just too much racing for most 360ers.

The new Fantastic 4 tie-in at #8 sounds like a reasonable result, and it’ll be interesting to whether it can rise (there’s a pun on the game’s subtitle – Rise of the Silver Surfer – there if you’re in the mood) in its second week, as film licenses often do. It’s already in cinemas though, so it’s by no means guaranteed.

There’s not much else to shout about. If you’ve noticed it being a bit quiet on the updates front, then apologies; Matt’s far away in Japan, and he’s by far the least lazy of us. Adam and I shall try harder this week. Promise. Love you!

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