Beautiful, beautiful… just beautiful

There are certain shocking gaps in my gaming CV, and the Katamari games make up one of those holes o’ shame. The 3D Grand Theft Autos – there’s another. I own them – indeed I can see them right now – but sheer bone idleness has got in the way.

Beautiful KatamariThis is going somewhere, if we go back to Katamari, because Namco Bandai Namco Bandai Namco (to use the full company name) have been whoring Beautiful Katamari today. It’s good to see another modest title after We Love Katamari. Look: a screenshot.

And yes, we’ve presented it in full, unnecessary HD-o-vision. Coming soon: HD Pong. Maybe.

There is some point in this Xbox 360 (and no longer PlayStation 3) version though, because online and offline multiplayer modes – co-operative and competitive – and downloadable content do sound good. You never know, I might even get around to playing it.

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