Getting down and dirty

This week’s big release is the oddly capitalised Colin McRae: DiRT, giving PC and 360 owners a reason to be cheerful. It looks bloody lovely, so if you like arcade-style muddy rally games, feel free to spend money on it. If you’re in the US it’s just called DiRT or something like that, whilst some countries will refer to it as That Filthy Scot. We think it should have been called Dirty Colin McRae.

Fantastic Four: The Rise of the Silver Surfer is this week’s lurid film tie-in, released on practically every format. Oddly enough there haven’t been many reviews of it yet, so we’d hazzard a guess that it might be awful. PS2, PSP and Wii owners get Legend of the Dragon, based on some third rate animated television series, rather than the Stephen Chow Hong Kong kung fu comedy.

Wii owners might be grateful for Mortal Kombat: Armageddon – you can perform fatalities by waving around the wiimote. Delightful. It’s been getting some reasonable reviews, so you can buy it without shame.

That’s pretty much your lot. PSP owners get a few other dregs in the form of Dave Mirra, Dragon Ball Z and SOCOM, whilst certain systems have new downloadable content – the N64 port of F-Zero X for the Wii’s Virtual Console being the most note-worthy.

It’s a bit quiet, but it’s summer, so what can you expect. Best thing would be to make your own fun on the forum.

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