It’s point and laugh time

A new trailer for Harvest Moon on Wii has been doing the rounds this week. You can click on this link and see if for yourself but we’d rather you’d read the next paragraph to see how slow some of the bigger websites out there are. That’s slow as in dim, not slow as in behind-the-times. Although that could be the case here.

You see, during the last E3 Marvelous Interactive announced their first two Wii titles – Harvest Moon and Heroes, the later of which is now known as No More Heroes. It just so happened that the space between the two game’s titles was missing on the official E3 2006 line-up, resulting in their name being combined into Harvest Moon Heroes.

Marvelous were quick to correct this and for a while now the farming sim has gone by the name of Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility, or Tree of Peace depending on who you believe, yet both IGN and GameTrailers still have the game down as Harvest Moon Heroes. If you search for Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility on IGN not a single result is found. Considering they’re one of the biggest fish in the gaming pond, this amuses us slightly.

Simple things, and all that.

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