Forza love of the Bee Gees

There’s one big game release this week – Forza Motorsport 2 on the Xbox 360. We’re of two minds about this – on the one hand, it looks like a dull racing game that doesn’t seem much different to the old Xbox version. On the other hand, UK:R really like it, so it can’t be that bad.

If you own a Wii, Pangya! Golf with Style is out today. It looks lovely, and a fun golf game using the Wiimote sounds great, although the PC version is free. Today the Wii also gets Mercury Meltdown Revolution, based on the PSP game that featured a rolling blob of mercury. It’s getting a solid 8/10 on Game Rankings so perhaps it’s worth looking at.

DS owners can have some fun this weekend, with the technically impressive Brothers In Arms DS and puzzler Trioncube, which Matt seemed to like.

The PSP’s quite busy with new releases – there’s the self explanatory Super Pocket Tennis, the obviously titled Marvel Trading Card Game, and ‘you must know what this is about by now’ Tony Hawk’s Project 8 (which isn’t, as we first guessed, a game about a boy called Tony and his genetic experimentations to make subservient mail carrier Hawks).

PS2 owners get to play with the long winded History Channel: Great Battles of Rome. It’s a lot like PC real time strategy game Rome: Total War.

PlayStation 3 owners get nothing this week, although the PlayStation Store has Mortal Kombat II up for download. Speaking of game downloads, the Wii’s Virtual Console has Balloon Fight, Dead Moon and Adventures of Lolo up this week (and it had the brilliant Streets of Rage 2 and ToeJam & Earl up last week, which we forgot to mention).

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