Hour of Victory

It’s quite unusual that EA hasn’t “blessed” the 360 with a Medal of Honor game yet, especially when you consider that MoH: Vanguard was released on Wii just three months after the system reached Europe. But when MoH: Airbourne does finally reach Microsoft’s box, it will face competition not only from Activision’s competent Call of Duty series but also this 360-exclusive ‘Where Eagles Dare’ inspired WWII shooter from Midway.

Hour of Victory screenshotLast month the same publisher in question put out a demo of their other upcoming FPS Blacksite: Area 51. As demos go it was more of a teaser offering only a hint of what to expect. The demo of Hour of Victory is more generous in comparison giving the chance to take control of three different soldiers – each with their own skill sets – and guide them through the streets of a North African shanty town before a rally around in a tiger tank. Sadly there aren’t any real tigers to blow up. Or elephants.

Powered by the Unreal 3 engine, it certainly looks the part. Not photorealistic, or as good as Gears of War, but still very sharp and detailed. The controls work well too, enabling you to run from cover, duck and snipe with ease. The way that your character holds their weapon up to their chest when pressed against a wall or such also does wonders for the realism. On the downside, the British accents are a little pompous for battle hardened soldiers.

The idea of having three different soldiers to play as should allow for a decent amount of replay value. In the demo there are a number of doors and rooms that only the Infiltration expert can open, for example. All vehicles on the battlefield can be driven too, although you shouldn’t expect massive Battlefront style conflicts.

So far it’s shaping up to be a solid shooter, but we’re kind of pushed hard to name any real innovative aspects. The full game is due out 22nd June.

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