Mario charges the chart

I’m kind of surprised (but not very) that Pirates of the Caribbean hasn’t been able to shift Spider-Man 3 off the top spot of the chart. Instead it goes in at #2, with Mario Strikers Charged Football in at #3. Nintendo are probably quite happy with that.

The painfully average TMNT is back on the move, up from #21 to #11, while God of War II has done the opposite and slipped from #15 to #29.

But forget all of this: something quite amusing has actually happened. Pony Friends on the DS has managed to chart higher than Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops on the PSP. The former is in at #18 and the later at #30.

The PlayStation 2 chart has been active with new entries. Shadow Hearts: From the New World enters at the bottom of the top ten – which probably makes it new publisher Ghostlight’s best selling game so far – while SpongeBob: Volcano Island and Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles are in at #17 and #18. Then there’s the child-friendly Buzz! Junior: Robojam at #13. Games have too many subtitles these days.

Matt Gander

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