The pen-is mightier than the sword

THQ tend to stick to their cartoon licenses where handheld games are concerned. They decided to make the odd exception for 5th Cell’s Drawn to Life on DS though, which is just fine with us as it’s looking like a good chance to flex underused artistic muscles.

Drawn to LifeIt’s a 2D platformer in which you’re able to draw your own character. Not only this, but weapons and modes of transport too. The developers were astounded to find that when presented with the game for the first time nine out of ten players drew a walking penis, which wielded a sword in the shape of a penis and drove a car shaped as a penis… although this might not actually be true. Images can be swapped via Wi-Fi, and in addition to traditional platforming there’s also a village that comes slowly back to life with things that you’ve drawn. Like penises.

There’s a nifty Flash demo over on 5th Cell’s website while on GameTrailers a trio of videos can be found. The game itself is due out in September.

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