PSP starts side talkin’

This is weird. In a frankly ludicrous move, Sony and BT have got together to offer the PSP as a phone package with VoIP capabilities. Do they not remember side talking?

Side talkinWe’re not quite sure what the point is either – the implementation isn’t that useful. PSP users will only be able to make calls using BT’s VoIP software through WiFi networks. At first users will only be able to call other PSP VoIP users and some BT lines, though eventually the hope is that they’ll be able to call any phone – like Skype has been doing for the past three years.

Though frankly, if the PSP can’t connect to a real cellular network and make genuine roaming calls, it’s nothing more than a fairly pointless novelty. If you really want a mobile phone that can make proper VoIP calls, you might want to look at one of Nokia’s smartphones instead of holding a bloody PSP to the side of your face.

Adam Philbin

Adam is the human male who gave birth to the website you're looking at, with or without the help of glasses, contact lenses or laser surgery. Today he designs apps by day and entertains toddlers by night.

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