Cracking up

It’s not the most interesting of weeks in chart land, so keeping your brain switched on while your eyes skim these words might take some effort.

Crackdown has seen the most action – obviously due to the elusive Halo 3 beta invite – and is now back in the top ten, up from #19 to #8. Spider-Man 3 continues to rule the roost, with Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training also on the move – going from #16 to #9 – and Cooking Mama on DS is still hanging around, currently at #5.

Over in the Wii chart the preposterously full-price Bust-a-Move is in at #20, thus proving that people have more money than sense, while Spider-Man 3 has gone straight to the top of the PlayStation 3 chart. There might be a joke about the PlayStation 3 logo font there if you think hard enough.

The apparently quite good SBK-07 hasn’t managed to chart this week despite heavy promotion, and the same also applies to Driver 76… although not the promotion bit. It would seem that Ubisoft don’t give two shits about it.

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