Everybody loves Rayman

The new issue of N Gamer magazine has a special one page preview of Rayman Raving Rabbids 2. Special, because they’ve managed to write five whole paragraphs despite details being almost non-existent. You’ve got to hand it to them.

Rabbid BoogieAll we know is that Rayman has managed to sneak into the Rabbid’s base – located under a shopping mall – and is on a mission to stop their plans for world domination. Sadly (and we really do mean this) it isn’t going to be a proper platformer but another dose of mini-games. One screenshot shows a quartet of bunnies strapped to examination tables, one of which is being zapped by a bolt of electricity, while another screenshot shows the furry pests sitting in a cinema yapping on mobile phones. Our guess is that you have to slap them around a bit to shut them up.

The magazine also confirms that freeware PC shoot ’em up Tumiki Fighters is Wii-bound via Majesco, and contains a large preview of WWE Smackdown Vs Raw 2008 on both Wii and DS. The DS version in particular looks very good graphically, but you might not want to get too excited – it’s being developed by Amaze, who did the glitchy DS conversion of Lego Star Wars II.

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