Panda style!

The Japanese website for Harvest Moon: Tree of Peace on Wii is now up and packed full of freshly picked screenshots. As you can see, or at least will be able to see once you’ve clicked on the link, the art direction is slightly different from the GameCube Harvest Moon titles, with a softer tone.

Harvest Moon: Tree of PeaceThis time round, farming duties have to be carried out on an island in order to revive the titular tree. Interestingly, the website contains images of animals you wouldn’t expect to see in a Harvest Moon game, including pandas and penguins. What grabbed my attention though is the Wii remote control system, which requires such actions as being swung like a hoe to cut crops and tilted gently to water plants. Milking cows should be fun.

Remember: before we see Tree of Peace in Europe, we will be receiving a Wii conversion of the lovely Harvest Moon: Magical Melody. It’s supposedly to make up for the fact that Rising Star never got around to releasing it over here on GameCube.

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