Jamie Oliver would approve

Last week’s release of Command & Conquer: Tiberium Wars on 360 hasn’t been able to shift Spider-Man 3 off the top spot. Not surprising really, seeing that the PlayStation 2 version has been sighted for as little as £22.99 on the high street. Instead, the celebrated RTS settles for second place. Final Fantasy III has entered the top ten, up from #11 to #7 and Cooking Mama has risen – weak pun intended – from #23 to #6.

This doesn’t appear to have anything to do with the new Wii version, but rather word finally spreading of how good the DS version is. It’s #2 in the DS chart, you see, but only #8 in the Wii chart, resting under Eledees – which still hasn’t made it into the top 40.

Pro Evolution Soccer 6 is the biggest riser this week, up from #25 to #4, while Pokemon Ranger and Diddy Kong Racing DS are both on a downward spiral dropping 14 and 18 places respectively. God of War II has also dropped out of the top ten, going from #3 to #11. Perhaps it slipped on some grease (Greece).

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