Minnie Driver

When the original Driver was released on PSone, it was on the cover of every games mag and street parties were held up and down the country in celebration. The sequel also received a lot of attention, as did Driv3r, albeit for the wrong reasons. Skip forward to 2007 and it’s a different tale: Driver 76 has slipped out on PSP without a whisper. You’d think that Ubisoft would be promoting it a bit more, what with it being the first Driver game they’ve published since nabbing the franchise.

Another game that hasn’t had a lot of fanfare, despite receiving a lot of praise, is Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters. Daxter’s solo adventure sold well, so there’s no reason why this shouldn’t too. What we’ll be watching though is whether Command & Conquer 3 – out on 360 today – can knock Spider-Man 3 off the top spot.

As weeks go this is a good one for obscure titles, with Cooking Mama and Bust A Move on Wii and Lost in Blue 2 and Picross on DS all sitting on shelves as of today. Previous Picross games have been ample time wasters – the idea is to plot marks in a grid to reveal a picture. Trust us – it’s much more involving than that probably sounds. Bust A Move and Cooking Mama haven’t been receiving very good reviews and general opinion has it that Lost in Blue 2 – an island survival game – isn’t much different from the first.

It’s a bit of a cheek that Bust A Move is full price – you might as well just buy Taito Legends 2 for a tenner and play Bust A Move 2 for a bit. It’s not like the series has changed massively over the years. Or even at all.

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