Web of lies

Despite not being very good, Spider-Man 3 has taken the top spot of the top 40. It’s #1 in the 360 and PlayStation 2 charts, #2 in the Wii chart (losing out to Wii Play) but oddly only #16 in the DS chart. We say oddly, as going by the reviews it’s the best version. It’s like TMNT on Game Boy Advance all over again.

There’s not much else going on. Final Fantasy III is in at #11, but Eledees has failed to light up the top 40. Perhaps Konami delayed it for such a long time that everybody lost interest. FIFA 07 has shot up from #30 to #7 which suggests it’s on sale somewhere – or everywhere – while Hotel Dusk: Room 215 has done the opposite and fallen from #11 to #32.

A mention this week goes to the GameCube full price chart, which has been reduced to a top five instead of a top 20 as per other single formats. Not unexpected, really – most Gamestation stores have chucked what was left of new GameCube stock in with the pre-owned. They’ve even marked it up as pre-owned, even though it’s new stock.

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