PSfour, Peacock Ore

Ken DribblingSome crazy websites are talking about the possibility of the PlayStation 4 being released in 18 months time. Some more rational websites have taken this rumour and speculated, rather reasonably, that Sony might have a revised PlayStation 3 model in development. It sounds realistic enough – the rumour is of a new PlayStation model, using the existing chipset but with new output connections and larger hard drives. Sounds a bit more like a PS3.01 if anything.

Of course, all of this is mostly irrelevant, because the rumour originated from an entirely unknown “inside source” which an Austrailian journalist combined with a quote from retired Ken Kutaragi saying “I have the vision of PlayStation 4, 5 and 6!” – obviously meaning the PlayStation 4 will be released next week.

A revised PlayStation 3 (PSthree?) is almost a certainty at some point, although before 2010 seems a bit early. Unless Sony go backrupt, a PlayStation 4 is also likely some time in the future. Probably in 5-6 years. You heard it here first.

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