What’s wrong with chips and dips?

Sony’s PR team haven’t been at their best recently, what with the fake blogs and all, but they’ve really managed to outdo themselves this time. It has come to light that during the God of War II launch party – held in Athens around a month ago – guests were invited to eat warm offal from inside a dead goat’s carcass.

Goat of WahA two page report of the shindig was due to appear in the Official PlayStation Magazine, all 80,000 copies of which are now being recalled. Subscribers, however, have received their copies already which shows unedited images of the goat in question. Sony claim the animal had not been slaughtered for the event – or even during the event – but had been purchased from a local butcher. They go on to say that they aren’t sure how the goat was killed, but seeing as it was decapitated it’s pretty obvious.

The International Fund for Animal Welfare said it was “outrageous” that the animal’s death had been used “to sell a few computer games”. The Daily Mail has also picked up on the event and has managed to receive an apology from Sony. “We are conducting an internal inquiry into aspects of the event in order to learn from the occurrence and put into place measures to ensure that this does not happen again,” reads part of the statement.

Nobody seems concerned that those topless women were also present at the event, on hand to feed grapes to lazy sorts. Possibly because everybody the world over loves a pair of tits.

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