Statistics are fun

Official UK console sales figures have, this week, been leaked to the press. Obviously there’s a mole in Chart Track. They should get Jack Bauer in.

The sales figures are quite interesting, actually. The Wii was the largest selling home console with 24,000 sold, which is due to increased shipments. However, it’s still pretty much sold out everywhere, so sales could have been higher if demand had been met. Stocks generally last less than an hour on Amazon, and a Nintendo spokesperson confirmed “Everything we are shipping, we are selling”. Now maybe Nintendo could afford to give all the people who work for them in Export Processing Zones a raise.

The PS3 sold 17,000 in its third week, slightly down from first week sales of 165,000. By next week the PS3 will have sales figures in the negative. Come on Sony, you’ve obviously got a load of spares, it wouldn’t kill you to send us a free one.

What is shocking, however, are Xbox 360 sales. Sure, the PS3 has taken some attention away from it, but sales of 11,000? It could be the nice weather, but I rather feel that number is due to people waiting for a price cut. Or people who want to play a game that’s not war-based.

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