Fat-headed babies

This week on the Virtual Console there’s Pac-Man for the NES, ActRaiser for the SNES and Bonk’s Revenge for the TurboxGrafx. They come in at 500, 800 and 600 points respectively.

First up is Pac-Man for the NES, and quite frankly, it’s not worth nearly five quid. Sure, it’s a classic, but how many times have you played Pac-Man? How many free clones are there on the internet? If you’re still harping after Pac-Man, wait for the Namco Arcade Collection, which has the lovely multiplayer Pac-Man Vs on it.

ActRaiser is a cross between a god sim, and a platformer. The first thing that hits you is the superb music and it’s not actually a bad little game. The god sim bits are better then the average platform bits, but overall it’s lovely.

Not quite as lovely as Bonk’s Revenge, however. It’s of those lovely platformers with charm, that seemed to be ten-a-penny in ‘the olden days’. Why does no one make games about fat-headed babies that nut people any more? I spent five minutes trying to work out the opening screen, though. It turns out, you press up and jump on the waterfall to swim up it. Stupid me for not realising you could swim UP a waterfall. That said, it’s still my Virtual Console Game Of The Week.

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