Mighty morphin’ Pokemon rangers

Friday 13th – pretty unlucky for gamers that don’t own a DS, as that’s the only format on the receiving end of significant new games this week.

Pokemon Ranger is likely to chart the highest. It isn’t a proper Pokemon game but has something to do with capturing the critters by drawing rings around them. Noir graphic novel Hotel Dusk: Room 215 has had some strong reviews but the very dated looking Harvest Moon DS hasn’t gone down too well. The map is too large, the animation is poor and the menus are ugly. If you’ve got Animal Crossing then stick with that.

Wing Island on Wii is another to avoid, having been billed as a poor man’s Pilotwings with cartoon birds as central characters. Capcom Classics Collection Volume 2 on PlayStation 2 might be worth a look if you don’t own the PSP collections though, and judging by the demo Everybody’s Tennis is a twee alternative to Virtua Tennis.

Next week isn’t looking great at the moment with only Final Fantasy V and Free Running on PlayStation 2 and PSP standing out. Roll on God of War II. But not literally – you’ll get the case covered in back hairs and that.

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